Frequently Questions


Can I apply to study as a “Special Student” at PPGE-UFU?

Yes. So long as your immigration status allows you to, and you have a bachelor’s degree of any kind. Furthermore, other specific rules may apply. So, contact for further details.

Does the Graduate Program in Economics offer Scholarships?

Yes, but they are limited.

How to start in the Graduate Program in Economics?

PPGE-UFU welcomes international students for its MSc and PhD Programs in Economics, as long as you have a Bachelor´s degree of any kind.

Admissions are on a yearly basis for both MSc and PhD Programs. For international students, PPGE’s Academic Council takes into consideration his/her research project, and a qualification exam. Further information can be obtained by sending an email to

Is there any lesson taught in English at PPGE-UFU, at the moment?

No. If you are admitted to PPGE’s MSc or PhD program, before you enroll you must show a proof of proficiency in Portuguese. This is mandatory.

Is there any tuition or fee?


Where can I get up-to-date information on Application and Admission Process?


If you are a Portuguese speaker you may also call:  +55 34 3239-4315 Extension: 4315.